Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You :)

I know that I have been quite moody and down yesterday.
 I know that u worry about me when I’m being like that and 
one way I know that u love and care for me. 
Thank u very much for that sayang.
I love u so much for taking such good care of me ^__^
 Thank u love, for being there for me when I am down?
Thank u for holding on to my hand throughout the day. 
I really really appreciate it! T.T 
I am so happy that I have found a boy 
who not only supports me when I am down, 
but understands the challenges that I am going through. =.="
 I am so happy that I have found u Achap!
Thank u very very very much my love. 
I don’t think words can express the feelings I feel for u. 
I love u for always thinking about comforting me when i feel down. 
I love u because u are not ashamed to tell the world
 that u are with me and u love me. 
I love u, my love is only for u :')
p.s: Thanks for this happy one month b!
Happy Anniversary again! ^^
Muacksss! *BIGhug*

Sincerely childish girlfriend of Achap Bahry ,
Nurul Shazwanie binti Roslan >.<